Bryce Canyon

Walking through the majestic Bryce Canyon can be a very overwhelming experience. Statuesque columns, called Hoodoos, pepper the canyon landscape and provide a beautiful, rugged landscape which we had never seen before. The regal beauty of this magnificent canyon was something akin to a fantastical land found in a storybook.


There was much to see and do atop the steep cliffs of Bryce Canyon. One could ride through the tough landscape on a horse, bike, hike, or scale the soaring cliffs of Bryce Canyon. My wife and I chose to discover this wonderful spot with nothing but our feet.

We started along the rim trail until we reached Navajo Loop. The labyrinth of rocks, located at the base of the valley, kept beckoning to us. We began to traverse into the depths of Bryce Canyon. The walls appeared to rise ever higher until all the sky was enveloped in beautiful tons of red, white, and orange limestone.

Once we had reached the center of the valley, beautiful pines, aspen, and even a few peppered groves of cacti covered Canyon ground. The aroma from the trees filled the air with such a fresh, intoxicating scent. It’s no wonder old cowboys would sing about these lands in sweet admiration.



Slowly the sun began to set over the wind carved cliffs of Bryce and paint a wonderful orchestra of color in the sky. My wife and I sat on a wooden bench for and captured every bit of light the waning sun had to offer. We were lost in a moment of pure bliss as the canopy of blue transformed from hues of orange, red, and even hints of purple, into the star filled blanket of night.

There are many places we have seen, but Bryce Canyon truly glistens with beauty and echoes with a cooling breeze of peace. It is definitely one of the hidden gems of Utah that we are grateful to have discovered for ourselves. To think, it was hiding under our noses this whole time. We won’t make that mistake again, We’ll be sure to check every nook and cranny of this world in our quest for beauty.

Author: Darin Mann
Image: Michelle Mann



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