Money, a Facade?


For the first time in years we hear people talking about the big, bad, scary, Socialism. Some run for the hills shouting “Communism!”, but more and more are willing to discuss the term Socialism and try to understand how it can benefit society as a whole. Personally, I love the idea of Democratic Socialism.

A government that promotes a free market, while advocating for power to be held by all, and not just the wealthy of society.

But as I sit and ponder on how government can truly fit best for the people, I always get hung up on the concept of money. Why must we give power to something that, quite literally, has no value?

For me the answer to that question is, control and domination. Currently, we rely on a system of fraud in the form of the Federal Reserve. If you don’t understand how the Federal Reserve System works, Check out this three minute video. By Shoolhouse Shock

This flooding of fake money into our economy leads to a never ending cycle of debt, until eventually we fall into a financial crisis.

The moral of the story is that we as citizens are ransomed into a life of slavery through the creation of debt, and it is a debt that can never be paid off.

This slavery of debt is something that has been allowed to grow since the founding of the Reserve in 1913. Is it any wonder that we have seen many recessions since that time? Each time we are promised a new era of prosperity, yet every solution yields the same results. Insanity can be defined as: doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of living this insane cycle and I don’t want my posterity forced into further slavery through debt.

So how can we disarm the slavers of our time? We can realize our power.

it is people, not money, that powers the economy.

We are the engines of production. Money is just an abstract idea that gives rise to a system of slavery to those who control the flow of this fictional currency. People tell you what to do and how to behave, all because they are the lords of the dollar. They have no true sway over what you do, but we have given them that power. We have allowed them to take away our agency and forsake the universal laws of humanity for the security of a paycheck. However, it all can be stopped. If we choose to forsake prejudice and reclaim our humanity, we can begin to reverse this cycle we have set for ourselves. One way we can reverse this cycle is to usher in a community based society, similar to socialism, but one that forsakes the rule of money. One way we can do this is by contributing to community gardens and providing service for free as a donation to your neighbors. Once we establish a simple foundation of the necessities like food and water, the doors of a different way to live will begin to open and we will begin to unveil a different way of governing our lives.

In this system all would contribute to the betterment of society with whatever skills they have at their disposal. Whether you are a farmer or scientist, you would donate your talents and creations to the society as a whole. This idea has many names, Ubuntu in Africa and the Law of consecration for Christians, yet it all serves the same principle.

Imagine a society where the many spoils of the world are provided for all and not just the elite few. We would begin to see a society that flourishes. No longer would we be shackled by the duties of society, just to put food on the table. The many necessities of life would be provided and man would be free to pursue the arts, science, and a new age of exploration could continue.

We finally have the tools to provide a world of abundance for everybody, yet only a select few have access to it.

Once all have the security of food, shelter and education; innovation will become the new commodity for all to share.

To accomplish this we must forsake our love of money and dispose of the belief that we are different. We are all brothers and sisters and once we finally realize that, we can begin to build a new world. Those in power do not want a world where all are equal and all share in the blessings of the earth. They want it all for themselves and they view you and I as nothing but tools to achieve their goal. We must wake up and realize our potential as a people. To harness the power of humanity is our potential, but it cannot be achieved if we remain asleep, satisfied by the distractions the global elite throw at us. So next time you flip on the television to watch the new smash hit, ask yourself “how does this help my society?”

Only through sacrifice toward the betterment of humanity, will we begin to create a thriving society of which all can benefit.

So please, join a community garden, begin to volunteer in your community, and start to move toward a lifestyle where money loses it’s meaning. Only then can we find the freedom we have been fighting for since the genesis of man.


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