Never Ending Bigotry

When I say the word bigot, you probably think of a man sitting on his porch adorned with a Confederate flag hat, spewing racist comments and praising Jesus. While there are those who fit this stereo type, I am much more concerned for the bigotry rising on the liberal side of things.

When we look at the word bigot
we find it means; a person who is
intolerant toward those holding
different opinions.

As tensions begin to rise, I have begun to see more and more hatred turn toward the “ignorant” conservative group as arguments such as religion, gun rights, etc. continue to be at the forefront of discussion.

I have even found myself guilty of ignoring or berating somebody whose views are slightly more conservative than mine. I think this is because there is a consensus growing in our society, that if you are conservative you are ignorant, which is most certainly not true. We seem to be perpetuating a never ending cycle of bickering.

This will never end, until we
realize compromise can and should
be made for the overall
prosperity of our nation.

Unfortunately, I believe it is the regressive left that perpetuating this cycle, not the radical right.

We are living in a time that empowers people like Donald Trump to inspire many to harmful acts of hatred. But, unlike most, I don’t believe the blame falls entirely on Trump. We empower people on the far right by the way we treat them. If we take a look at the Bundy Militia in Oregon, they are being attacked on all sides, and for good reason. However, they do represent the fear stricken side of the right. Like a cornered dog they have begun to bite. Rather than try to understand their position like an open and free society that puts open discourse at the forefront of liberty, we ignorantly berate them by poking fun of white stereotypes, saying things like, “Y’all Qaeda”. While quite funny, it does nothing to unite us as a people, but further separates us into entrenched camps of right and left.

Whenever you have a dog cornered, you shouldn’t antagonize it further by poking it with a stick. That is what, I believe, those on the left continue to do without mercy. I believe the reason this happens is because those on the left view themselves as a more enlightened individual. This is the sin of arrogance, one that we all commit, one that I have been guilty of many times over. We tend to look at ourselves as a source of guidance for those wayward souls poisoned by “ignorance”, religion, or whatever ailment we deem fit to put upon them.

To end a cycle of bigotry, we must
not seek only to guide or teach,
but to understand.

For me, a bigot is a person so wrapped up in their own beliefs they fail to see the merit in any others. Perhaps that is why this word has almost become synonymous with religious folk, because it can be hard to find the desire to understand others when you believe you have the one and only truth in this world. However, to my understanding, truth is a fleeting thing that constantly shifts like the never ending tides of the ocean.

Instead, we are content fighting each other in a battle over who is correct and who is ignorant. We frustrate ourselves, friends, and loved ones in the never ending pursuit of being right. I’m sure we can all think of a time, in which, we were so frustrated with a person. We think they are so ignorant, that they can’t see the forest for the trees, but it is not just them that are blind. In our vain attempt to be the one standing on the mound of victory, we have lost sight of the goal. When we converse with one another, do we really want to dominate them and control their ideas? I certainly hope not. That is why we all choose to live in a place that allows free speech so we can exchange ideas.

This exchanging of ideas is how
we learn and grow past our
own boundaries.

The political turmoil we are in right now, as Senator Amadala would say, “Represents a failure to listen”. To find our way out of the dark tunnel we find ourselves, we must unite under a common banner.

We must remember there is
wisdom to be found on both sides
of the fence.

The minute we allow ourselves to be controlled by fear of differing ideas, is the day true ignorance is allowed to reign. So, please next time you meet that “liberal hipster”, or “hillbilly conservative” try to listen and learn. You might just be surprised at what they have to offer.

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