Oviedo, Jewel of The North

Spain is a place rich with culture. In the North, you have the origin of the Spanish language with a deep root in Catholic culture, while in the south you have a very vibrant and rich Arabic influence. These two contrasting cultures brew the wonderfully vibrant cocktail that is Spain!

As you know, I first started my journey in Oviedo, which was the first capitol of Spain. The influences of that ancient kingdom were ever present as I walked down the cobblestone streets and gazed upon all the family crests that decorated ancient family homes. In Old Town no street was wasted, each had its own purpose. Calle de Huevos was, you guessed it, used to sell Eggs. Market tents littered the plaza during the day and at night the musicians crept out and began to saturate the city in sound. I had never witness anything so unique in all my life. There was so much life to be had in these old streets that I could always be found walking the streets, talking with a musician or somebody sitting on a bench. There was always something new and interesting to in this amazing city.

The most charming thing about Oviedo is how the city feels as though it is one whole family. The city is a close knit community. It is a place where laughter and joy are never hard to find. Every street corner has a Cafe or Panaria that has it’s own little family. Inside every shop are people chatting about the day and simply enjoying each others’ company.

Every day feels like a celebration there. It could be perhaps, that quite literally there is almost always a celebration. However, the air of Oviedo feels lighter as though somebody had sprinkled joy throughout the shaded streets.

The people of Oviedo are famous for their hospitality, and this is not just a rumor. As you walk into the home of an Asturian you are greeted with a treat, coffee and a kiss on the cheek. Love squeezes it’s way into every crevasse of the city and it is quite contagious.

The love I have for Oviedo will be carried with me for my whole life. It is a place that everybody should see and feel for themselves, the very love of the people will seep deep into your bones. So next time you find yourself looking for a place to rejuvenate and laugh once more, book a flight to Oviedo, Spain, you won’t regret it.

Author: Darin Mann
Image: Michelle Mann

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