5 Reasons to Support Bernie

The first time Darin and I heard Bernie speak was the first Democratic debate. This debate was a stark contrast between the Republican debate, which was all about the candidates side swiping each other in personal attacks. When I listened to Bernie’s message, I was shocked. It could feel truth ringing in my ears, which I hadn’t felt from any politician to date. I just couldn’t believe that he was openly discussing all of the corruption that has been happening and how disconnected our country has become.

He is actively working to reveal truth to the average American and not afraid to battle big powers in order to save the American Dream.

Over the last few weekends, Darin and I have been dedicating most, if not all, of our time to the Bernie Sanders campaign. We traveled to Nevada to push for him in rural areas, and he ended up winning in the areas with the most volunteers! What does that say about him?

It says that the more people hear about him, the more they like them.

Since we have been following his campaign, it is surprising to hear so many people unaware of his policies. A lot of people have been sold the lie that he is either a communist, a single issue candidate, or just another corrupt politician. He falls into none of these categories. If you take a look at his history, you will find that he has been fighting for people across the spectrum his whole life to create a just system.

Utah’s caucus is coming up on March 22nd and I want to let everyone know the reasons to support Bernie are vast, but I will highlight a few. This post will fold out into multiple posts which will outline details with supporting information for each of these topics.

  1. Income and Wealth Inequality
    It is apparent that in our country, we live in an Oligarchy. Those with the fattest wallets control our country. When you have a corrupt campaign finance system, the laws being passed are often behind shadows and the public is unaware that they are being stripped of their rights. Overturning Citizens United is Bernie’s top priority. He is criticized for being a “single-issue candidate” over this because he talks about it so much. The reason he does this is because this bleeds into every aspect of our society. He is also planning to crack down on Wall Street and break up the big banks, which have been a drain on our public for far too long. As well as closing tax loopholes which huge corporations use to pay no taxes.
  2. Consistent Egalitarian
    Bernie has worked his whole life for minorities and the working class. There continues to be systematic racism and the immigration system is broken. He understands that alienating minority groups does not get us to a higher goal of creating a peaceful country that works for all people. He is also not interested in constant, unnecessary, perpetual wars which continue to stain our world.
  3. Healthcare as a Right
    Our health should not be for-profit. Under Obamacare, although well intended, we have been left with a system that gives insurance more power. It has squeezed the middle-class even more. We are now mandated to have insurance, which has gone up in price, while expanding Medicaid for those who cannot afford insurance. What is even worse is that we are still a nation where people die every day from lack of healthcare. Under Bernie’s healthcare plan, many will be saving money. You won’t be paying astronomical prices on insurance with high-deductible plans and everyone will pay in to a single-payer system.
  4. Education
    It is no question that the rising tuition cost has caused many to not further their education. There is also a movement to not go to college because of the terrible job market. A highly educated populous is of utmost priority if we want our nation to thrive. In the next decade, robots will be taking over a large number of blue collar jobs. This means that we need researchers, engineers, and philosophers now more than ever in order to create new jobs.
  5. Climate Change
    He understands that climate change is a global threat which we need to confront. This is an issue that we have ignored for far too long. Why has this been ignored? It goes back to point number one. The big oil companies are in the pockets of law makers. Our country has poison in our water systems and here in Utah, we can barely breathe the air outside. It is time to make a shift. This will provide a ton of jobs and will benefit our economy and quality of life in the long run.

If you have not been following Bernie for long, I urge you to take a look at his record. He has been voting in the best interests of the common people for his entire life. Let’s create a nation that works for all of us. One that has true equality for all people. One that does not bow down and worship the billionaire class. Bernie has ignited the flame of a political revolution and it will continue long after this presidential race.

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