Rebel or Slave The Choice is Yours

We are experiencing a time of political unrest in our country. Much like the Galactic Republic of Star Wars, our political systems power has been subverted to aid the interest of the few (The Sith). The people no longer have a voice because that voice has been silenced through manipulation of the media and insane amount of money pouring into the pockets of people who are supposed to be our representative. In this frightening time we are presented with a choice. Will we sit idly by as more and more rights are stripped from us in the name of security; or will we fight in the name of liberty and arise as rebels to fight the tyranny of an empire that is quickly forming around us?

Throughout history we have seen false flags that have sparked the American people to fight and kill innocence in the name of freedom and security. What has that amounted to? Are we any better off then when we started? Now we are faced with wealth inequality that hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression. Instead of focusing on ridding ourselves of the corruption of corporate greed, we are allowing our view to be turned outward towards the Middle East (Trade Federation) instead of inwardly.

We allow ourselves to bicker over social issues like religion, gay rights, racism, etc. that, although important, ultimately serve as distractions that keep us from coming together as one community. We allow fear of what is different, what is uncomfortable, to rule over our hearts until all light reseeds from our heart leaving only darkness. A wise Jedi Master once said,

“Fear is the path to the dark side.
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.
Hate leads to suffering”.

The Jedi strive to preserve balance and above all to preserve life, because all life is precious, and we have forgotten this. We prefer to take the easy road of hate. It is much easier to inspire violence to those who harm you, rather than forgive and promote peace. Peace is the preservation of balance throughout all members of society. We must seek to restore that balance, or our future will be forsaken.

There will always be those who are willing to fight for to restore balance and give power back to the people. In the universe of Star Wars, who were the individuals who did that? You guessed it, Luke and his gang. Yet, they were rebels, terrorist fighting for the freedom of the people throughout the galaxy. What would he be labeled today? A terrorist; because one man’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist.

While I don’t condone their actions, we have to start looking at the U.S. labeled “terrorist” and ask why it is that they are fighting? Are they fighting because their homes, families, and culture are being attacked by outside forces? Wouldn’t you be a little upset if that was happening to you? I would like to think it would bother you, as it bothers me.

What I am trying to say is that we must look at the foundation of our beliefs and begin to understand that they have been warped as of late.

We say we stand for freedom, yet sit idly
as our nation terrorizes the world
and enslaves its own people through
debt and ignorance.

So as the political climate worsens will you stand and fight for what you believe in, will you shout out against the injustice happening in our world? Or will you stay glued to your phone and watch endless YouTube videos, until you are a slave to a government you didn’t want. Like everything in this world, it begins with a choice. Our fore fathers chose to stand against tyranny at the cost of their lives. Are you ready to do the same, because if you do not we are lost.



  1. Agree. We need to be do using on US rather than be distracted by our so called leaders and world events. World events are important but if we forget to tend to US we stand to loose our country entirely.

    My spiritual beliefs are diametrically opposed to Louis Farrakhan but listening to his you tube presentation on the killing of Gaddafi was informative. I recommend everyone of US listen to his presentation and ponder our involvement in world affairs.

    • Thanks for your thoughts! We agree. Our country is sick, and needs to heal. If we keep focusing on outside threats, we will not take care of the inside threats.

      We will watch Louis Farrakhan’s presentation. Thank you!

  2. We, in US, need to be focusing on US* ^^^

    (Spellcheck at work again…)

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