Spain, First Days

Whenever I travel, I make it a goal to wander about aimlessly and really dive into this new world which I am witnessing. Spain was no exception. As soon as my legs landed in this fertile country, I was on the move.

I reached Oviedo which is nestled in Northern Spain in the beautiful green forests of Asturias. As I stepped off the train, a surge of culture and history rushed to greet me. The streets were filled with children kicking soccer balls and playing with tops, while parents watched on. I had never seen a city so busy and full of life, it seemed to grab my heart in an instant and never let go. Every day was filled with a reason to celebrate life, from beckoning in the Reign of Spring, to a festival in admiration of nature, the people of Oviedo rushed to greet life and celebrate in grand fashion.

In my first week in Oviedo there was a fiesta celebrating the coming of Spring. The entire city shut down and everybody descended from the hilly streets to the parks to eat, drink and be merry. The forested park was filled with people dancing without a care and only love in their hearts. Shouts of joy mixed with hums of cheerful laughter echoed throughout the forest and hills of Asturias. Witnessing this entire Orchestra of sound, I felt as though I had fallen into a dream, one that I had no desire to end.

All timed stuttered to a stop and I was lost in this harmonious music of language that began to cultivate a garden in the deep crevices of my heart. The language of Asturias had deep roots, steeped in the history and philosophy of an ancient people. The dawn eventually floated into dusk and all began to retreat to their homes.

I returned to my home as well to greet my host mother who awaited me with kisses and the hearty food of Asturias. Tonight’s meal was a fabe bean soup with blood sausage, a hearty hunk of ham, and a small baguette. With the strong savory flavors sunk deep into my stomach I began to fall victim to slumber. I slowly stepped in and collapsed onto my bed. As I rested my head on the pillow slowly blinking the night away, I couldn’t wait to greet the days to come.

Author: Darin Mann
Image: Michelle Mann

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