The Evil We Don’t See


With candidates like Donald Trump parading around spewing hate and prejudice, it can be hard to see the bad qualities in other possible candidates. While I see Donald Trump as a huge threat to what we stand for and a direct affront to our way of life, I don’t believe he has an honest shot of winning. That being said, who does? If Trump gets the nomination for President from the GOP many will vote for his opponent, simply because it’s not Trump. But is that the scenario we, as citizens of the United States, want?

Now is the time to pick the candidate that will lead our nation toward a path of healing, and I’m sorry to say Hillary, but that leader is not you. While I agree on many of the policies presented by Hillary, I cannot bring myself to believe the conviction behind her words. I can’t help but wonder what seeds of deception lie in wait for those who buy into the plan created by her and those behind the shadows, whispering plots of deceit. If we take a walk down the winding road of Hillary’s political career we see

a woman who has sold
her integrity for political success
and financial gain.

Her primary backers over her career and into this election cycle have been; Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, DLA Piper, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. All of these major groups have many interests that directly oppose that of the people and that of the overall healing that must take place in our nation.

If the evidence of her financial loyalties did not raise your eyebrows, let’s take a look at her husband’s presidency. I know many would say that she is not her husband and she, being a strong independent woman can make her own decisions. But the fact is he is her family, her partner, who has helped guide and mold her career just as she has done for him. Bill Clinton led the charge to further revise the already damaged Glass-Steagall Act, which was influenced by many Big Banks and Corporations. This resulted in deregulation which greatly affected the horrific financial crash of 2008. Now, after seeing the devastation reeked on a nation from terrible decision making, under the guidance of advisors from the banking and corporate sector, wouldn’t you want to avoid affiliation with people and organizations that aided in the crises that still plagues your country today?

HIllary stands firm in her loyalties
to a regime that seeks to
enslave its people through debt.

I’m sure there are many complex reasons why Hillary chooses to affiliate with these jailhouse dogs, but I can think of two.

Political Suicide
Her whole career has been based off meeting the needs of corporate and financial backers, so to abandon them would be to forsake any and all support she does have. Throughout her career we have seen the political expediency of Hillary shift depending on what position would satisfy the public while still meeting the agenda to benefit the top 1% of society. Without her financial backers, she would lose all clout she has in the media and in doing so, lose what little support she has garnered through the various news outlets.

The Love of Money
She would have to turn away from all that she has known. Hillary is the very definition of a career politician. Her financial success in the world of politics is astounding. With a net worth of $45 Million, I think it is safe to say she does not want to abandon her proven formula of catering to the interests of Wall Street. Why would she, when her financial success hinges on deceiving a very easy to manipulate populace? Promise and never deliver has been the motto of many politicians, and it is one Hillary has perfected.

I know it is hard to see a beacon of light in a world dominated by politicians who cater to the needs of those with the biggest checkbook. But as any sailor will tell you, there is always a lighthouse standing vigilant to all who seek it. For me, that light house that refuses to stop burning bright is Bernie Sanders.

Unlike the flip flopping nature of Hillary Clinton, Bernie has stood strong in his beliefs to serve the people of his country.

He has never wavered and has defended the rights of all this great nation’s citizens with a fervor that would make the founding fathers proud.

So in these dark times, where it feels as though we will trudge on in a never ending tunnel, I ask you to seek the light.

Never surrender to fear,
or false sense of security, which a candidate


like Hillary might give you.

There is a chance that Bernie might not win the nomination and if he doesn’t, we must be ready. Ready to shout and raise our voice, so that our desires can be heard resonating off the walls of Congress, until it becomes a deafening roar that cannot be silenced. Nobody can invoke change alone. It’s genesis is sparked through the hearts and minds of the masses coming together for a common purpose. So please come, stand up, shout out, and together we can rebuild a nation that is for the betterment of all.

Author: Darin Mann

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