The Fight for Our Minds


It’s no secret that here in the United States education is the pursuit of the wealthy, and those willing to shoulder a mountain of debt.  With a 4 year degree averaging $35,000, it’s easy to see why so many are so upset. But, what affect does a limited education play in a person’s ability to contribute to society?

If one’s sole motivation is monetary gains, a degree helps a person on average earn $17,000 more in annual income. Not only that, but as we welcome in a wonderful world of technology, education is needed to simply survive. We are quickly approaching a world in which robots could potentially replace 80% of today’s workforce. This doesn’t mean 80% of the workforce will become obsolete, but will have to adapt and evolve to create a new venture for work.

That evolution can only take place
as long as education is at the forefront
of our goals as a society.

Thankfully this idea that education is synonymous with the future is ever-growing in our community. We have politicians everywhere, including myself, fighting to allow everybody higher education as a right.

The leader of this political charge in the United States is of course the one and only, Bernie Sanders. Like him, I have come to see the devastation brought upon our country and a primary factor is education.

Crime and poverty has always
been something swept
under the rug, to be ignored.

However, we can no longer afford to ignore it. If a large portion of workers are truly going to be replaced by robots, then it goes without saying; those individuals will be jobless with no skills to re-establish themselves in the community. These people who find themselves jobless in an already struggling economy will slowly become desperate as the burdens of life stack up. They will undoubtedly be left with no options and eventually, many will succumb to a life of crime just to support their families. That is why we must strive to educate our workforce that is ready to embrace an ever changing industrial nation. Only if we invest in our people, can we begin to develop a nation we can be proud of.

What we need now more than ever is innovators.

Innovators come in many shapes
and sizes, but will never flourish if they are
not given the tools to grow.

For all we know, someone is walking around the streets of Detroit, with a new innovation to bring further prosperity to our world. All that is needed is for their potential to be realized through the enlightenment that education brings.

Higher education allows for a person
to discover themselves, while they
interact with text that challenges their
current ontology.

Through the acquisition of knowledge, we begin to interact and understand the world in a less reactionary way. As we interact, we become immersed in an idea that is not our own. This gives us a glimpse into the deepest recesses of another’s mind. This glimpse allows us to associate with one another on a plane that truly transcends the physical, and ushers in a new era of reason. Striving for knowledge allows us to exercise empathy for the situations of others, as we dive every deeper into the minds of the present and past.

So please, stand with me, stand with Bernie, and perhaps we can begin the healing we seek. That healing can only be produced by an enlightened and educated people. I look forward to ushering in a world where all are truly equal. A world in which knowledge, not money, or any other material item is coveted above all else. Let us begin this journey in the way that humanity always has, as one.

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