The Warrior of an Age


There are few presidents that have as much respect as the late John F. Kennedy. He was a man who injected hope into the hearts of all citizenry of the United States. Although he stumbled, fell and fumbled at times, he was steadfast in serving his people to usher in a brighter future. Most importantly, he believed in a future centered in peace and built by reason. Above all Kennedy believed that a transparent government must prevail to achieve true democracy that has the interest of the people at heart.

Kennedy often spoke about those hidden in the shadows, trying to subvert power from the people and create a government that solely serves their agenda. It is no wonder that only seven days after Kennedy spoke the words,

“There’s a plot in this country to
enslave every man, woman and child.
Before I leave this high and noble
office, I intend to expose this plot”

he was assassinated. While Kennedy is a true symbol of resistance through reason, honesty, and integrity, he is not the only one who has stood in direct opposition to those who wish to enslave the citizens of the U.S.

Aaron Swart the co-founder of Reddit and founder of many political organizations, like Demand Progress, fought desperately to inform the citizenry of the United States. However, like Kennedy before him, his voice was suppressed through the use of litigation until he took his own life, at the young age of twenty-six. This was a man who downloaded public files, that a company was making massive profits from, in an attempt to share this information and educate the people of this nation. It is tragic that people who aspire to bring truth are now persecuted by the justice system that is supposed to protect their freedoms, like freedom of information and free speech. Instead these organizations suppress free speech. Why is that?

Perhaps it is because this information which people are trying to share does not adhere to the agenda of those truly in power. When I say those truly in power, I don’t mean Congress or the president. No, I mean those who hide behind them and use money and subversion to achieve their goals. Which brings me back to JFK, he fought to have a more transparent government. One that is shaped for and by the people, but instead we have a large group of people that have lost trust in the system. While this mistrust is warranted, it will do nothing but serve for the benefit of those who seek control by our silent consent.

When we choose not to engage in
the community around us, we choose
to have our decisions made for us.

With the advent of the internet we have the chance to build a truly global community. For the first time ever we can create a community that seeks truth and thrives in it.

For us to truly thrive and create the country our fore fathers intended we must become engaged with our governing system before it is too late. We must demand transparency from our government organization, and demand those who commit acts of criminal behavior be held accountable, regardless of position. But, most importantly, we must behave as a community grounded in one purpose. Those few men and woman in power seek to divide us, for divided we are weak. Our numbers mean next to nothing if we are all segregated into different bubbles of diversity. True change cannot begin to sprout until we allow ourselves to see the light hidden in all truth. We must forsake the barriers cast upon us from those who seek to manipulate our fear of what is different and unknown. I say it is that unknown that we must see. We must dare to reach for that which we do not understand.

Only then can we find true enlightenment, or we can choose to feed off the lies fed to us by those in power. I know it can seem daunting and downright terrifying at times to stand against those who wish to take your liberties away through lies and violence.

But, without action there can be
no change, and with no change our
freedom will surely perish.

Our past is riddled with heroes who fought, bled and died for a true and free planet. Many more will die, but it is a cost we must be willing to pay for the future of our species. Liberty can only be achieved through the sacrifice of those willing to cast away fear and step into the unknown.

We have surrendered ourselves into
the shackles of security and allowed
intolerance to override the abounding
love of humanity.

It is time we ignite the flame inside our hearts and stand for freedom and truth. It is time to cast away this system of government that seeks to enslave us. Let us go back to a government “for and by the people”. Only when we have achieved true liberty can we find some semblance of peace.

By Darin Mann

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